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Reading Room Environment by Redrick Technologies

RedRick Technologies designs, develops, and optimizes reading room environments, and the ergonomic workspaces they synergistically incorporate. You know us best from our sturdy and carefully designed ergonomic workstations and monitor mounting solutions, however, our expertise encompasses space design, environmental control, lighting, and acoustics. These are all factors that must work together to optimize radiology reading room environments.

We understand healthcare delivery is evolving, and radiology must provide ever-greater value while maximizing productivity. At the same time, every radiology department has unique needs and constraints. Let us show you how our four-step consulting process optimizes your department’s productivity, workflow, and space utilization, while enhancing communication to key constituents.


10 Easily Implemented Reading Room Improvements

Get the most from your current
reading room environment!

This document presents ten simple and easy to implement reading room improvements that can benefit radiologist comfort and productivity, and be immediately implemented at little or no cost. Create awareness now; to ensure the benefits of more significant reading room improvements will be achieved.

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Their expertise and professionalism allowed us to optimize our space and provide a much safer and ergonomic work environment for our physicians.
Guy Morency Director, Diagnostic Imaging The Ottawa Hospital

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